Nov 25, 2005

Toll free SMS

These days TV channels and news papers ask you to send an SMS on many not-so-important matters. These are known as SMS polls and most of them are utter rubbish. The messages cost Rs. 2+ to the sender. It's about time the mobile operators came up with a toll free SMS service. I suspect these messages are used to judge viewerships or readership. If these are used to obtain viewership figures then the TV channels should pay for it.

An Indian Idol or a KBC can command a price and people will still choose to send messages to them, but if smaller players in the TV business want to increase the number of responses, toll-free SMS is the way to go.

Nov 23, 2005

Counting Votes

Yesterday was Election Results day. Field day for news channels. Back in the days when ballot papers were used, counting started in the morning and the first results did not arrive until late in the evening. Those were the days when the TV crews had the space to relax and streched themselves at times up to 48+ hours non-stop.

But in the era of EVMs the results come out so fast, news channel execs must be saying "In the good ol days, we spent so many sleepless nights. That was the real thing. "

So much of LPY footage, so little time.

Nov 16, 2005

Me too

Everyone has a one.
हम कहे हमहूँ बॉल्ग बनाए।