Nov 21, 2013

सारा रास्ता God के पास जाता है

Spelling को मारो गोली.
भावनाओं को समझो.
Prese the Lord
Prise the Lord

Nov 18, 2013


So many Hindi film courtroom scenes. Did not know how to spell it. Until now.

Nov 17, 2013

A year on

A year since the Hridaysamraat passed. A look at the followers.

Some have hopes from the next generation
आजचा छावा उद्याचा वाघ
And some have hopes from the current generation

And some are still sticking to the old loyalties
साहेब जन्म घ्या पुन्हा

Nov 9, 2013

Automobile accents

Note where the vehicle is registered. Accent not accident.

Nov 8, 2013

Motivational message


Closer look
सबर कर बन्दे, मुसीबत के दिन निकल जाएंगे
हंसी उडाने वालों के चेहरे उतर जाएंगे