May 27, 2006

Value Add

Just as the multiplex owners were managing to make the ends meet with their Rs 200 tickets and Rs 40 pop-corn, the f@g gang decided they wanted a bigger share of the revenues. As if that wasn't enough, some legal activist decides to file a petition against one of them for selling water at exorbitant price.

It's interesting to note the packaged water prices:
500 ml - Rs 12,
1000ml - Rs 18,
750 ml - Rs 25!

From the news article:
In it reply to the Commission, HPMW said the 750 ml mineral water is packed specially for the cinema halls. The company has installed special machinery for the purpose and it would take sometime to recover the cost of machine, therefore, the prices are high.

Of-course the prices are a bit high. But look at the value that these specially packaged bottles offer. Extensive market research has shown that movie-goers prefer 750ml bottles, and detailed scientific studies have proven that 750 ml is the exact amount of water needed by the average-multiplex-going-human-body.

C'mon guys, those poor multiplex operators are just trying to make the ends meet by preventing you from carrying water inside the cinema. If they don't do this then where will the money for cup-holder seats come from ... government subsidies?

May 21, 2006

Que for Cola Execs

If I'm watching TV, it should be with Pepsi.
If I'm eating Samosas, it should be with Coca Cola.
But what to do if I'm watching TV and eating Samosas?
Please tell no. Also long time no cola war? Why-Why?