Aug 9, 2009

DIY bicycle

A guy from Bangalore has customised a bicycle with laid back reclining chair (recumbent bicycle). Details about this interesting project are available on his blog.

Get out of the box

I'd never seen this ad-film before on TV. Seems like Hero Cycles wanted to target the urban cubicle-dwelling, Santro-driving, overpaid programmers IT professionals to take up cycling.

Not a great ad, but not bad either.

Jun 23, 2009

SanjooBaba fan

SanjooBaba on a motorcycle (probably a Harley). Notice the colourful combination of sunglasses and jacket. Nice intricate work.

Click to see larger image

Apr 13, 2009

Not bound by spellings

Freakonomics has a post where the authors try to trace the origins of popular quotations. One of the quotes was:

“It is indeed a dull man who can think of but one way to spell a word.”

The Yale Book of Quotations notes that this is frequently attributed to Mark Twain, but the earliest occurrence found in research for the YBQ was in Marshall Brown’s “Wit and Humor” (1880): “A man must be a great fool who can’t spell a word more than one way.”

This auto rickshaw owner and a SanjooBaba fan is just super-cool.

Mar 26, 2009

Suspended for flatulence

From this story
LAKELAND, Fla. - An eighth-grader was suspended from riding the school bus for three days after being accused of passing gas.
The teen, Jonathan Locke Jr., said he wasn't the culprit.
"It wasn't even me," Locke told The Ledger newspaper. "It was a kid who sits in front of me."
If they had an English version of आदा पादा, the issue of the wrong kid being suspended would never have occurred

Jan 22, 2009

Price wars

This one was on a wall in Dombivali.

Jan 18, 2009

Road Safety message

जितना भगाना है उतना भगाले तुझे मंजिल तक पहुचाऊगी।
तेरी नज़र से भूल हुई तो तुझे मिट्टी मे मिलाउगी॥

Jan 16, 2009

Boss' spoon

Must say that the driver's brother-in-law has got it right
बेली के फूल, चमेली की माला
सेठ का चम्चा ड्राइव्हर का साला

Brother says