Sep 4, 2007

Back then Thums Up was red

Happy days are here again
Food Friends and Thums Up
Everybody's feeling great with Thums Up.
Thums Up the refreshing cola .

Apr 1, 2007

Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak enjoyed a supreme market share for a long period of time. In it's heydays (70s and the 80s) it was said that a marriage in a middle class family in North India wasn't complete without a Chetak dowry.

Consumers' preference for the more efficient 4-stroke motorcycles, stricter emission norms and an old styling (based on the 50s Vespa) saw a steady fall in the sales of Chetak. Finally it's production stopped in December 2006.

Bajaj Auto was once known as a scooters giant. This image of a 'scooter maker' was a bit of a burden initially when they got in the motorcycle market. Today they've successfully transformed themselves to a leading motorcycle manufacturer. So much so that they just have one scooter model in their current product line-up.

I hope that a few years from now, the Chetak gets re-launched with a classic Vespa-like styling, a modern efficient engine and an option for auto or manual transmission.

Mar 25, 2007

Tapkaa daal

Drug trafficking
Illegal arms trade
Organised crime

International Cricket now joins the above list.
Businesses where murder is part of the game.

Feb 9, 2007