Jan 29, 2006

India Shining

Formerly known as Huma-Heena, the 2 theater cinema complex is now a swanky 4-screen cup-holder-seat-equipped multiplex and a shopping mall with factory outlet shops.

Jan 22, 2006

Sneak preview of the new marketing strategy

Chocolate flavored bathing soap, SRK in bath tub, all new Green Lifebuoy...
So many soaps. Just one bath a day. Not enough.

Here's a sneak preview of the new marketing strategy:
Statistical data has shown that less that 0.002% of the consumers take bath more than once a day. There's an immense growth potential in this area. So the strategy to promote 5-times-a-day bathing among the consumers.

Why five?

-If Gillet can have 5-razor-blade, we can have 5-baths-a-day too.

How five?

-A strategic Tie-up with Sulabh international to set up world-class bathing kiosks complete with automatic vending machines, monthly memberships and frequent-bather reward points.

Jan 15, 2006

I'll take 14

Clinic Plus, H&S and Pantene are available in small pouches of 7.5 ml. (i.e. 14
packets will give you 105 ml of shampoo)
CP: 1.5 x 14 = 21
H&S: 3 x 14 = 42
Pantene: 3 x 14 = 42
Their 100ml bottles are priced (as on Jan 14, 2006) as follows:
Clinic Plus: 33
H&S: 64
Pantene: 51

It is unusual to see such prices because in a normally one expects to pay a lesser per-unit price when the quantity increases. Packaging cost can not justify the higher price (a 100ml plastic bottle costing Rs. 12 or 22! NO.).

One reason could be that the companies selling these things might be cross-subsidising the smaller pouches by bottles. Somewhat like the Railways does (or at least claim to do) with passenger and goods tariffs.

Another reason could be that the companies deliberately price the bottles higher based on some statistical information that they possess in the form of slick PowerPoint presentations. The data basically tells them "your average bottle-customer has an average income of Rs X and he/she would not mind paying Rs. Y for your shampoo."

This complex art of maximizing profits without affecting sales is called pricing. In certain other situations like the auto/taxi drivers charging extra money to tourists it is known as duping or even robbery.

So when next time you pick up that bottle of shampoo from your friendly neighbourhood supermarket, remember you are helping some poor chap buy a 7.5 ml shampoo at an affordable price or you are being ...

Jan 3, 2006

Emergency Exit

22 people lost their lives in an accident involving a Volvo bus. Though I haven't ever noticed, apparently Volvo buses have 5 exits.