Apr 27, 2011

Another Evil Eye

This trucker seems to be bored of the routine face blackening business.
Another trucker seen earlier was also bored of the face blackening method but was angrier.

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बुरी नज़र वाले
तेरा भी हो भला

Apr 22, 2011

One life

A road safety message

करू नको घाई, हा जन्म पुन्हा नाही

Apr 17, 2011

Any time

Another film buff
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Chulbul Pandey
Kabhi Bhi Kahi Bhi

Apr 14, 2011

A trucker's invitation

To visit his (or her) village
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कुँईयाँ का ठंडा पानी, पीपल की छाँव मे, सुबह चले आना, परदेसिया मोरे गाँव में।

Apr 1, 2011

Who will win?

For a change it's not about cricket.

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कौन जीतेगा रिक्शा रेस