Jun 3, 2006

Who says star sons/daughters don't have to struggle

MTV Fully Faltoo Film Ghoom is a shamelessly cheap spoof on Dhoom.

If you haven't suffered the original Chopda-Gang production, then get it's (pirated) VCD. To make this experience less painful, feel free to use the fast forward button liberally. Once you're done, you will appreciate Ghoom better. If you've already suffered the original, then you are all set. Go watch it.

Story in brief - It's an inspiring story of the struggle and hardships that sons of famous fathers have to endure to make a mark as an actor in this big bad world of Hindi filims.
Overall Ghoom is cheaply made, not as great as Ramgadh ke Sholay but it's worth the price of the ticket (must admit, I got free passes).