Nov 24, 2014

It's official: Acche Din are here

It's official. If it's on an auto rickshaw, it's got to be true.

अच्छे दीन (दिन) आ गये

And a pro-tip for haters
आपण कशाला बोला
आपल्यवर सगळ्यांचा डोळा

Oct 10, 2014

A Bhai and a Bhaiyya

This is a Bhai भाय

This is a Bhaiyya भैय्या (trolling)

Oct 7, 2014

Love all

ना किसी की बुरी नज़र
ना किसी का मुँह काला
सबको सुखी रखे ऊपर वाला

Sep 7, 2014


3 different autos.
The menacing BABA tells
Baap Ko Paichan
बाप को पैचान

The Baap

And their story
पहले बेटा लगा छापने,
फिर गया ड्रग्समे
अब है जेल मे

दिया बाप ने,
बेटा लगा छापने

May 28, 2014

Public Service message

The friendly gentleman in the pic is the driver/owner. It was early in the morning and he gladly agreed to pose for the pic.

हर माँ बेटा पैदा करेगी तो,
बहु कहाँ से आएगी

May 22, 2014

Long distance relationships

The lines are too small so the text is in the caption.
And there's also painting that's most popular among truckers.
युं तो ओ शख्स पराया भी बहुत लगता है
युं मेरे दिल मे समाया भी बहुत लगता है
तुमसे मिलने की ख्वाहिश तो बहुत है
मगर आने-जाने मे किराया भी बहुत लगता है

Falling in love? Wait..

इश्क करना है तो दर्द भी सहना सीखो
वरना एसा करो अवकात मे रहना सीखो

May 1, 2014

बुरी नज़र

मत देख लड़की को पाप होगा,
कल तु भी लड़की का बाप होगा

Apr 14, 2014

Mar 31, 2014

Not so friendly reminder

Is 'net worth' a good translation of word औकात?
अपनी औकात मत भूलो

Mar 29, 2014

Only in small town India

Yes, one can still rent regular bicycles.

Feb 21, 2014

Danger signs

Almost all LPG and chemical tankers sport unique hand-painted skulls. Here are a few.

1. Dandiya-shaped bones

2. Bones with Heart shaped ends.

3. Smiling cos it's got गदा instead of bones.

4. Horns for that evil touch.



7. Crossing swords

Jan 12, 2014

Suniel Shetty fan

Anna Hatela
Details. Nicely done.

Jan 7, 2014

Volkswagen Type 2

As a beautifully designed take out window.
Trivia: The last of these rolled off from a Brazilian factory in December 2013. 63 years after it was first launched.