Dec 26, 2013

From the 80s

I suspect this term is Mumbai specific. Those who grew up outside Mumbai, can you please verify?If you've used this term in your childhood, your childhood was cool ;)

No Bharchuk

Dec 20, 2013


The skull looks cool too.
दगा किसी का सगा नहीं है
किया नहीं तो करके देख
जाके उसके घर को देख

Dec 3, 2013

Nov 21, 2013

सारा रास्ता God के पास जाता है

Spelling को मारो गोली.
भावनाओं को समझो.
Prese the Lord
Prise the Lord

Nov 18, 2013


So many Hindi film courtroom scenes. Did not know how to spell it. Until now.

Nov 17, 2013

A year on

A year since the Hridaysamraat passed. A look at the followers.

Some have hopes from the next generation
आजचा छावा उद्याचा वाघ
And some have hopes from the current generation

And some are still sticking to the old loyalties
साहेब जन्म घ्या पुन्हा

Nov 9, 2013

Automobile accents

Note where the vehicle is registered. Accent not accident.

Nov 8, 2013

Motivational message


Closer look
सबर कर बन्दे, मुसीबत के दिन निकल जाएंगे
हंसी उडाने वालों के चेहरे उतर जाएंगे

Jul 31, 2013

Cricket fans on 3 wheels

Fan of an Australian player, a bowler and prefers Devnagari over Roman.

Jun 15, 2013

Couplet - 2

Inspired by Sukumar Sinha perhaps?

सोचा तो बोल न पाया। बोला तो सोच ना पाया॥
जिसे चाहा उसे पाया नहीं। जिसे पाया उसे चाहा नही॥

May 18, 2013


A trucker announces his choice of fuel in style and with a message (just like an Aamir Khan film)

हमें पेट्रौल नहीं डिज़ल चाहिये
हमें दहेज नहीं दुलहन चाहिये

Apr 24, 2013

Expressions in Radium Stickers

From the black and white days
Purani Mohabbat

The '80s
My First Love

And some gyan
मोहब्बत एक टेन्शन है!

Mar 16, 2013

THE formula

After you are done memorizing the formula, notice the painting on the mud flap. Trucker's all time favourite.

जिद्‍द + धाडस + नशीब = विजेता
जिंदगी १ जुआ

Mar 2, 2013

Love Romance प्यार मोहब्बत - 6

In the words of the great (and late) Shri Yash-ji  "The heart is mad".

1. Japani Gudiya
2. The heart is tell she is our but she is not our

Feb 4, 2013

Trucker's parents

Mom and Dad (Dady) never seem to agree no?

Mom says no race. Dady says beet all

Jan 26, 2013

Tourist taxi in Kashmir

Thinking of changing the world? Here's a tip.

A tourist vehicle (Tata Sumo) in Kashmir
Blue Eyes
Islam is a complete way of life
Anger is short madness

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself