May 4, 2008

Sports promotion styles

Or why cricket is more popular than hockey.

The BWHA story
As dark clouds of officialdom loom over Indian hockey, there are some who provide the silver lining.
Funded a team of tribal girls with his PF
Sponsor trouble
The earlier financers didn’t oblige, nor Prasad’s efforts to rope in new sponsors worked. This meant Prasad had to withdraw money from his provident fund and send the team for the Shimla nationals in 1984.

And there's always the IPL
Equating IPL to a ‘reality show’, Vodafone marketing head Harit Nagpal said: “We invested in IPL anticipating such ratings. The format is such that it combines the largest reality show in this country backed by Bollywood entertainment.” Commenting on the sustainability of the event, Mr Nagpal said: “I’m sure people who have stakes in the game will do everything possible to make it work.”