May 21, 2011

One truck, 4 messages

This truck had many messages. This one highlights the importance of money and love for businesses (start-ups) and newly-weds.
गाडी वही जो नोट कमाए, दुल्हन वही जो पिया मन भाए
The correct way for overtaking (A gentle/genteel reminder to drivers and also blog readers)
राईट से निकलने वाले को नमस्कार
Another general message
मेरी चलती है तो तरी क्यों जलती है
I haven't been able to figure out the exact idea behind this one. Any guesses?
बाबुजी गई थी उडाके आगई

May 11, 2011

Life away from home

In a foreign country with an oppressive regime.  
लिखा परदेश किस्मत में, वतन को याद क्या करना
जहाँ बेदर्द हाकिम हो, वहाँ फरीयाद क्या करना

May 8, 2011

Crazy over hair

Trucker on life and romance
[Click on the image for larger view]
तेरी ज़ुल्फो को देख कर दिवाना हो गया
प्यार किया किसी से किसी और का हो गया

May 2, 2011

A Fan (?)

Clicked this a few weeks ago. He insisted I take the photo of the auto along with him. Seemed like a big fan.
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