Feb 27, 2011

Hindi translations

For some commonly used words/terms.

Keen observers must have noted the minor typo above. It should be "अन्तर्वस्त्रों".

Feb 24, 2011

Gender misunderstanding

While the previous truck was feminine, this truck clarifies gender and declares that he wants to be your lover.

Feb 22, 2011

She'll be back

The boss better be ready with the goods.

Feb 12, 2011

Tough divorce settlement

तलाक दे रहे हो बडे गुरूर के साथमेरा मेहेर भी लौटा दो मेरे शबाब के साथ

Feb 1, 2011

They're all gone

Most of us believe that Auto rickshaw drivers/owners don't care too much about road safety. This guy seems to be an exception. Mainly because the message is unique and it's hand-painted unlike those printed stickers which are carried by Autos only because some RTOs force them to.

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