Jul 22, 2012

Magic Squares

A 3x3 box with numbers from 7 to 15 arranged so that the the rows, columns or diagonal boxes add up to 33. I thought may be the truck owner is a mathematics enthusiast. After some extensive searching on Google led to a Wiki entry that starts with a term recreational mathematics (yes there is such a thing apparently).
Here's a quote from the Wiki entry:
The 3x3 magic square was used as part of rituals in India from vedic times, and continues to be used to this day. The Ganesh yantra is a 3x3 magic square. A well known early 4x4 magic square in India can be seen in Khajuraho in the Parshvanath Jain temple. It dates from the 10th century.

So a mathematics enthusiast or a religious person or both.

A closer look
Magic Square 33

Jul 21, 2012

Old API auto rickshaws

Still operational in Indore and run on Kerosene.

API (Automobile Products of India) had a collaboration with Lambretta and made scooters and auto rickshaws from plant in Bhandup, a Mumbai suburb. The company couldn't survive the competition from the Japanese 100 cc motorcycles in the 80s and closed down. No points for guessing what stands on the land where the manufacturing plant stood.

Bare bones. Notice the original API speedometer

These autos have a kick start not the hand-pulled ones in Bajaj.